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Daily Collection


If you love perfumes with a strong, refined and sophisticated personality, the Homme Intense by Dior is the right fragrance for you. For passionate photography, the Brixton Camera Bag by ONA is a perfect companion to carry comfortably your DSLR Camera and your laptop. Read more

Essential Stuff for Outdoor Bicycle Rides

Essentials for an outdoor bicycle race

There is no better season than spring to get into the saddle of your bike for discovering exciting off-piste trails. A built-in GPS watch can always help you find your way as well a helmet to protect your head from unpleasant accidental falls. What else? Take a look at the today’s collection! Read more

Easter Collection


All the men who travel frequently for business can’t give up a pair of comfortables shoes to face long walking and a pair of headphones to enjoy good music while traveling. In this collection we have found some products that may come in handy on that occasion. Read more

Every Man Is Born To Be Elegant

Born To Be Elegant

Everyday, here at Rezeer, we are obsessed with finding and sharing with our community the coolest products for men. Today we suggest you a very special collection. Don’t miss these products and if you loves perfumes, remember this one: La Nuit de l’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent. Read more

Outdoor Collection


The right ingredients for enjoying afternoon in complete freedom, without thinking about yor job: you (and only you), a skateboard, wear comfortable clothes and good music playing in your ears. It would be nice if it could happen more often but… “shit gets done”. Sometimes you just need a water bottle to remind you. Read more

Military Apparel Mix and Accessories


You probably don’t need to go around the city armed to the teeth, unless a horde of hungry zombies has decided to upset your morning. In this case, a helmet with a pair of protective goggles and a lightweight hatchet could help you to survive at least until tomorrow. Remember to not abound with too much eau de toilette. It is said that zombies go crazy for that. Read more

Trendy Style for this Spring/Summer

Spring/Summer Collection

With the arrival of the warm season is always useful to find new ideas to inspire your own daily look. This mix of accessories is dedicated to all those who like to dress casual clothes with a touch of elegance. Read more

Welcome on Rezeer!

Rezeer Collection N. 1

Welcome on Rezeer! I’m really happy to introduce you this blog focused on products, technology, menswear and accessories dedicated exclusively to men. Every day we propose a well curated selection of items like that to inspire your personal style and suggest you interesting things to buy. Read more